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Open Access Policy


Kiban Research Publications is committed to Open Access. Kiban Research Publications believes everyone should get access research without any financial barrier. Open Access publishing is a tool to reach this objective. Kiban Research Publications is committed to providing long-term, sustainable access to quality scientific research for everyone, whilst maintaining high value, trustworthy author and reader services which enhance scientific communication and progress.
Kiban Research Publications provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge, meaning:

  • Everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of articles published in Academy Journals; manuscripts are freely available without subscription or price barriers
  • Papers are immediately released in open access format (no long waiting periods)
  • Open Access publication is supported by authors' institutes or research funding agency by payment of a comparatively low Article Processing Fee (APF) for accepted articles

Advantages of Open Access for Authors
  • High Visibility and High Availability - free and unlimited accessibility of the publication over the internet without any restrictions.
  • Open Access publications are more frequently cited due to their high publicity and availability.
  • Publications are also more easily searchable in search engines and indexing databases.
  • Less Costly - The cost of editorial processing and editing fee of each accepted paper is charged to authors, institutes or research funding agency. The cost of processing and the publication of an article is covered through the one-time payment of an Article Processing Fee (APF) for each accepted article.
  • Rapid Publication - accepted papers are immediately published online.

Open Access Licensing Policy
The publication is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY) View Legal Code